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  • Baby Huey Medium Figure *Gray

    Baby Huey Medium Figure...

    It’s all about that fade baby! Pretty hard to step into your Dad’s shoes, even if you have teeny tiny little feet , but a real playa has to try. Relish the opportunity to posses a little whiny evil dictator all your own, either in Playful Pyong Yang Pink or Supervillain Blue!

    75,00 €
  • General Tso's Nightmare

    General Tso's Nightmare

    In the eternal struggle of fried chicken there can only be one victor. From the mind of Kidrobot creative director Frank Kozik comes the General Tso's Nightmare Medium Figure.   Much like the idea of which came first, the chicken or the egg, this art piece provokes the question of who’s really killing who. Examining an issue with...

    120,00 €
  • Uncle Scam Medium Figure

    Uncle Scam Medium Figure

    Is there a worse holiday than Tax Day? Even if you're single on Valentine's Day and spend it eating ice cream and posting memes to Facebook about “how strong you are”, Tax Day is still worse.  Not only do you not get the day off from work, which is the first sign of a crap holiday, but you may end up owing the government money!  I thought this was...

    140,00 €
  • Buck Wethers by A.Visell

    Buck Wethers by A.Visell

    Meet Buck… Buck will wether the weather. Buck will steal your pants. He will take your farm. He will putt you out to pasture. Good luck weathering the Buck. Meet the latest Barnyard Beast from the wonderful world of Amanda Visell. Buck is 8” of ornery goat... set to right the wrongs! He’s one critter you wont want to butt heads with!...

    92,00 €
  • Reyna Dunny by Otto Bjornik

    Reyna Dunny by Otto...

    Reyna is a beautiful chess-piece inspired 20” Dunny by Otto Bjornik. Wearing a crown and regal robe, Reyna brings to life the beauty of Otto Bjornik’s intricate style. Otto Bjornik is known for his stunning art that celebrates the beauty and elegance of nature in human form.

    599,00 €
  • Astroboy 200% Be@rbrick

    Astroboy 200% [email protected]

    Medicom presents the Super-Alloy ”Astro Boy” Bearbrick. Stainless steel bearbrick figure with beautiful Plated metal.

    155,00 €
  • 5" Talking Board Dunny by Doktor A

    5" Talking Board Dunny...

    Do you need to contact those who have passed into the aether? Pressing questions need answering? Legal documents need clarifying? Words of comfort or reconciliation longed for? Then purchase the latest in...

    49,00 €
  • Les Viandardes

    Les Viandardes

    Mathieu Bessudo, best known as McBess, is a London based French illustrator, 3D animator and character designer with an eye for detail and a mind for surreal rearrangement of ordinary things. McBess’ detailed illustrations are cleverly blended with the cartoon styling of the early 20th century and often feature food and musical references, such...

    260,00 €
  • Back in Black Skullhead

    Back in Black Skullhead

    Huck Gee’s iconic Skullhead returns from the afterlife on this demiurgic “8-inch-scale” Dunny. Following a three-year pyrolysis in Hell, Skullhead is resurrected with freshly-pressed grayscale stripes and in purest carbon form sporting characteristic crossbones, wings and death kanji stamp. Literally the darkest interpretation of his Bastardized Asian...

    90,00 €


    Introducing Junko Mizuno's highly-anticipated most recent collaboration with Kidrobot, the 8-inch Violet Soda Lady Dunny. Based on Mizuno's character featured in Kidrobot's 2012 Dunny 3-inch miniseries, the new 8-inch Dunny will expand on the original design featuring new colour detailing, a 3D sculpted heart and a string of spectral mini...

    105,00 €
  • Meltdown Dunny

    Meltdown Dunny

    Dunny se fue de vacaciones a Chernobyl y eso resultó ser una muy mala idea. Una figura GID y semi traslúcida realizada por Chris Ryniak. Meltdown Dunny es un fantasma de ocho pulgadas de vinilo brillante con ojos muertos y lo que queda de su pez mascota. Edición limitada: 600 pcs | Diseñador: Chris Ryniak| Web: | Fabricante:...

    75,00 €
  • High Priest of Toby

    High Priest of Toby

    Toby te ama y te quiere de verdad. Vestido con una túnica roja con el ojo de la Providencia y que todo lo ve y Fez de los muertos, el Sumo Sacerdote de Toby es el líder de la sociedad secreta de las historias suprimidas, el orquestador, el instigador y el protector de todos tus pequeños secretos. Uno de los personajes más retorcidos que brotan de la...

    99,00 €